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Phono Pre Amp
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At The Show we were proud to display our new Phono Preamplifier with the fabulous La Luce turntable and Soundsmith Susurro moving iron cartridge. Many listeners thought we had the best sound at the show, but probably the best compliment came from playing the Sheffield Drum Record for Steve Guttenburg who said:

"Precision Transducer Engineering put the loud in loudspeaker. Its 5-foot-tall, 400-pound Statement speaker not only played loud with exceptional ease, it reproduced the sound of a drum kit with the best fidelity I've ever heard. Few high-end speakers, even $100,000 models, can match the Statement's ($40,000) unlimited dynamics and ultra-low-distortion sound.

The New PTE Phono Preamp is a true giant killer. From its ultra low noise power supply to the state of the art operational amplifiers, it is a very high performance product. In order to create razor sharp images, the channels are matched to within .1dB Many hand selected components are used and stuffed as matched pairs. Very accurate RIAA EQ is maintained to well over 100 kHz. Separate circuits handle the moving coil and moving magnet inputs optimizing the noise performance for each type.

loading: MC(24 49 100 249 1000) Ohms MM (10 25 35 47 75) kOhms.

This is a very low noise unit with noise comparable to multi thousand dollar units. See the numbers in the chart above. These were measured on an Audio Precision system two.

How does it sound? Beautiful, sweet, with the best sound stage you have ever heard from your records. It is hard to put the sound into words but I have been listening to a lot of Vinyl lately and find myself smiling after many hours of enjoyment. Try one for yourself. Love it or send it back
The MMMC phono Preamp $1,600.
MMMC Owners Manual
                                                                                The PTE MMMC Phonograph Preamplifier

The PTE MMMC Phonograph Preamplifier is truly one of the finest examples of a solid state preamplifier. We have focused like a laser beam on the things
that really matter: Accurate frequency response, very low noise and low distortion. See the link below for John Atkinsonís Measurements in Stereophile:

The preamplifier is housed is a beautiful solid mahogany enclosure and has many settings for cartridge loading. It is actually two preamps in one, a moving magnet and a moving coil preamp. And for the record it sounds fabulous. (pun intended)

Available direct From PTE for $1600, the MMMC is a no risk deal. You love it, or send it back.